Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mahoosive catch-up post!!

Oh wow, I am SO behind in posting my pics! I have been taking them though... just not getting around to uploading and posting them. So rather than spamming this blog with multiple posts for each day I have missed, I'm gonna just do a big fat catch-up post and bring it all up to date in one go. Are you ready? *deep breath* Here we go...

Day 19 - Bad For You

I love these crisps a bit too much. Especially as they often seem to sell them on 2-for-1 etc offers! :lol:

Day 20 - Sign

A sure sign that I need to a) put my shopping away (before hubby gets home and sees it! :lol:) and b) stop buying more crafty stuff! Argh!! ;)

Day 21 - Fire

Mmmm. Creme brulee. Yummy dessert plus the entertainment factor of playing with the kitchen blowtorch. :D

Day 22 - Glowing

The familiar sight of the glow of DD2's baby monitor.

Day 23 - Hot

A bit of an experiment, this one... but I rather like how it turned out...

Day 24 - Motion

My two little menaces in motion, chasing bubbles. Love how the bubbles have been captured, floating in the air, in this photo.

Day 25 - Motionless

My beloved double pushchair, all folded up, motionless, nevermore to be used... cos we've put it on eBay (and some lucky so-and-so's just won it)

Day 26 - Free Choice

What's that you say? No prompt? Argh! But what should I DO?! :lol:

I opted for a rather funky shot of my Nestie storage in my craft room... I like how the set in the foreground is in focus and all the rest out of focus.

Day 27 - Amazing

Soppy I know, but the first thing that came to mind when I saw this prompt was my lovely hubby. So when he got home on Friday night, he got snapped. :D

Day 28 - Fluffy

Meet Fudge, definitely the fluffiest of my two cats (and named for the colour of her nose). :D

Day 29 - Kitchen Utensil

Love how the light shines off my lovely cheese-grater. :)

Phew! Done! Right... must try and upload more often in future....

Ali xx

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