Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mahoosive catch-up post of mahoosiveness!!

Oh dear. Oh my. I'm *really* behind now! I have utterly failed to keep up-to-date with uploading my daily pics and now I have a ridiculously large amount to upload. So once again it's time for a catch-up post.

Also, I have a confession to make. I did actually miss a day here and there - things have been busy here lately and also I was away from home for 3 days (and without my DSLR) which made things more difficult. So one or two of these pics are retrospective ones, taken on a later day. And one is deliberately so... ;)

Day 30 - Collection

I thought long and hard about this photo and actually took a couple of photos of other items... but let's face it, the one thing I really collect is... stamps! :lol: (And boy did I have plenty of choice of piles of stamps to photograph! ;D)

Day 31 - Wheels

With a toddler and a baby, there's always a buggy of some description folded up in the hallway, so the perfect opportunity for a shot of some wheels! :lol:

Day 32 - Accessory

I had a bit of a mini shopping spree for my pre-Valentine's weekend away in London with DH and actually bought myself some new make-up! Oooh pretty.... :D

Day 33 - Button

The buttons on the cordless house phone - of which we have several (big house!) and which I keep losing!!

Day 34 - Interaction

A rare moment of interaction between my two girls. Okay, I'll admit it, also a staged one - I asked Aimee to give Mia a kiss. But she did. And that's lovely. They get on mostly okay but they don't really interact a huge amount atm - Mia's still too little to play nicely and Aimee gets grumpy about it!

Day 35 - Liquid

Bottles of milk awaiting washing.

Day 36 - Rubbish

Hee. I rather like this shot. Look how pretty the bottom of the recently-emptied bin in my craft room is! Splattered with paints and inks and with an inky baby wipe lurking in the corner. :)

Day 37 - Packaging

Ahh. Good old Sainsbury's. I really must try and remember to leave some carrier bags in the boot of my car instead of collecting new ones every time I go shopping!!

Day 38 - Damaged

A pretty little crack in the wall/ceiling of the snug. Well, hey, the house is over 70 years old so the odd crack is inevitable. ;)

Day 39 - Fence

A recent acquisition. We got fed up, in the recent cold snap, of not being able to put the gas fire on in the lounge, for fear of the kids getting too close. Therefore, a big old fireguard was acquired!

Day 40 - Compact

This is one of the days I missed. Mostly because I was running around like a mad thing prepping for my trip away but also because I wanted to take a picture of my old Panasonic Lumix compact camera, which had been my pride and job until DH got me my DSLR. But... I couldn't find it anywhere. But DH found it for me the other day... so here it is. :)

Day 41 - Heart

This was the other day I missed. But thanks to my lovely DH, on Valentine's day I got the most perfect thing to photograph as a retrospective shot for this prompt. :)

Day 42 - Portrait of a loved one

This one was taken with the camera on my Galaxy Tab. And the lighting wasn't great... cos DH and I were at Jamie Oliver's Babarcoa restaurant having a very yummy meal as part of our pre-Valentine's weekend. :)

Day 43 - From your past

Bit of a bittersweet one this. This is a frame that sits on the mantelpiece in my lounge. The photo in the frame is my Great Great Aunty Mabel and my Great Uncle Tommy (her nephew), both sadly no longer with us. The small photo tucked into the frame is one of my older sister, also sadly no longer with us. So. People from my past. :(

Day 44 - Friendship

My two girls may not always get on great but they both love bathtime and when they do play together, it's lovely. :)

Day 45 - Candle

This candle, stuck into an empty wine bottle, was my sole source of illumination for about 2 hours when we had a sudden power cut a couple of weeks ago!! The lights went out just as I was taking the kids to bed and I had to leave the baby crying in the dark while I went to rescue the toddler, who was half way up the stairs, and then take the baby downstairs with me, in pitch black darkness, where I managed to find my phone and use its light to find and light this candle! I put both the kids to bed by the light of this solitary flame and then sat in the lounge with my one candle and my laptop (running on battery) until the power came back on!!

Day 46 - Bloom

I didn't get flowers for Valentine's. And, in fact, I rarely have them in the house as DH's hayfever is sensitive to most kinds of pollen! However, I did very well for gifts this year so I can live without the flowers. ;) So instead I'm sharing a pic of a scrummy piece of floral patterned paper (by Kate Knight) that came in a freebie pad with a craft magazine and that I am just itching to create something with.

Right then. That's me caught up. Off to take today's photo... and hopefully get it uploaded in less than 2 weeks this time! :lol:

Ali xx