Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 3 - Ugly

Today's prompt was an interesting one. And a difficult one. UGLY.

I went with a shot of my feet. My feet are ugly. My little toes are an odd shape and the left one is all bent from childhood arthritis. My toenails are small and oddly-shaped and further mishapen by psoriasis. Blech. Ugly.

I've also been having a play today with editing photos in PSE 10 and messing about with some of the special effects. I thought it made a nice contrast to give my ugly feet photo a glamorous camera flash effect. :)



  1. lol, all feet are ugly Ali, not just yours! (with the exception maybe of a newborn baby's feet - those are cute and pudgy!) Loving the glamming-up!

  2. My husband and I always joke that our feet are the only things we don't love about each other!!